Meet the Team


Alix Davis - Founder, Owner, & Instructor

About Alix

Meet our fearless leader, Alix Davis. One of the rare Bozeman locals, Alix grew up as most Montanans do: outside. She and her family devoted their time to doing any and all things active, from hiking and snowboarding to camping and countless other outdoor shenanigans. Alix went on to study education in college and has spent the past six years working as a teacher in the Gallatin Valley.

A longtime spin enthusiast, Alix never considered opening her own spin studio until her world was unexpectedly rocked by tragedy. In September of 2021, her father passed away from a motorcycle accident. Unable to find the right community to support her and help her through her grief, Alix realized that she wanted to take the opportunity to create the community that she so desperately craved. A place where people could find support, therapy through sweat and music, connection, progress, and above all else: joy. What's more, her father had always encouraged her to find her true passion and become her own boss. Just like that, the idea for Spark was, well, sparked, and Alix's dream officially came to fruition when the studio opened its doors to riders in July 2022.

Amy Tatnall - Instructor

About Amy

An East Coast transplant, Amy moved to Montana and immediately turned to her love of group fitness as a way to meet people and build a community for herself in a new city. A longtime rider at spinning studios across the country, she is thrilled to meld a variety of different styles into one heart-pumping class at Spark.

Teaching Style

Amy works to ensure that her classes are both fun and challenging, leaning heavily on the surge of energy that comes from a perfect beat drop to motivate riders to push themselves just a little bit harder. Her roadmaps always include a number of heavy hills and resistance intervals that pair perfectly with the beat of the music.

Song You Could Spin to On Repeat

Purple Hat by Sofi Tukker and anything by Odesza.

Amy's Favorite Thing About Spin

A fitness enthusiast and music nerd, spinning provides an outlet to combine two of her favorite things. Amy loves using spin class as an opportunity to shut off her brain, focus on the beat of the music, and connect with her body. What's more, she loves how quickly 45 minutes of hard work can fly by when you're fully engaged in the moment.

Life Outside of Spark

When she's not teaching or taking class at Spark, Amy spends her days working in PR and marketing. Always looking to stay active, Amy is also an avid powerlifter and can be found on the local trails with her boyfriend and their two dogs, Finn and Dash.

Rachel Meyers - Instructor

About Rachel

A former Event Coordinator, Rachel discovered spinning after having her first child as a way to reclaim both her body and mind. She quickly became an avid student of spin, taking a wide variety of classes from studios and instructors across the country before making the decision to become a certified instructor herself so that she could share her love of rhythm-based cycling with Bozeman.

Teaching Style

Rachel emphasizes riding in sync with fellow riders and following the beat of the music. Her classes include a wide range of choreography and she encourages riders to connect not only physically, but emotionally to the ride for a more challenging and rewarding experience.

Song You Could Spin to On Repeat

Could Have Been Me by the Struts

Rachel's Favorite Thing About Spin

For Rachel, the feeling that comes from completing a challenging class simply cannot be beaten. Every class offers an opportunity to step into your power and realize how incredibly capable and strong you truly are which is exactly why she encourages riders to lean into the hard work and dig a little deeper to find something within themselves that they may not have realized was there. Each time she clips in she sees it as an opportunity to discover new parts of herself and reaffirm what she is capable of.

Life Outside of Spark

When she's not challenging riders to push a little harder at Spark, Rachel can be found wrangling her two high-energy daughters and spending time with her slightly less high-energy husband while trying to explore as much of this beautiful state as possible.

Mel - Instructor

About Mel

Mel first fell in love with spinning while she was pregnant with her daughter, looking for a way to take care of her body and nurture her mind. All it took was a few turns of the flywheel before she was hooked. Spinning turned out to be a lifesaver for Mel when COVID hit in 2020 and her Peloton became an outlet to burn off steam and quiet her mind. Now, Mel is thrilled to share her passion for spinning with others as a teacher at Spark.

Song You Could Spin to On Repeat

Literally anything by Lizzo.

Mel's Favorite Thing About Spin

For Mel, spinning presents an opportunity to focus entirely on herself, her body, and be completely present in the moment while feeling the connection to the music and her fellow riders.

Life Outside of Spark

When she's not leading Lizzo-themed rides at Spark, Mel works remotely for a recovery sleeve company called Reparel. And, as a true trail mom, you can almost always find her running, biking, or hiking around Bozeman with her husband and two kids.

Kelsey Blackaby

About Kelsey

Favorite thing about spin?

It PUSHES me. Spin naturally creates an environment that makes you want to push yourself outside your comfort zone. It could be doing a new choreography, listening to music you might not usually listen to, or even just meeting new people and "sparking" up a conversation. I love that I can practice pushing myself in the studio so I can push myself in new ways outside of the studio, too.

Favorite Song:

I thought way too hard about this. I love a quick beat with a dance-party feel. Lately, I've been obsessing over Not Another Rockstar by Maisie Peters. I will always have a soft spot for Archer by Taylor Swift.

Favorite Dessert:

I'm a dessert gal FOR SURE, but I love the pistachio ice cream from the Big Dipper in Helena! I'm having a bowl as I type this.

Most likely to be doing outside the studio:

I'm either working my full-time job with a coffee company in town, working on my next book, or snuggling on the couch with my soon-to-be husband and dog, watching a Netflix comedy special.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs, dogs, dogs, and dogs. Plus my two-year-old lab pit mix, Hammie, loves dogs just as much as I do.

Favorite Show:

I knew this would be the hardest one for me to answer. I think my favorite show is either Arrested Development or Killing Eve.

Favorite Spin Moves:

Gimme tap backs all day long, please!